Fire Rooster

As we enter the year of the Fire Rooster, perhaps it is time to be mindful to what it is that “lights our own fire”.

What is it that really inspires and brings YOU a sense of peace?

Are you doing what inspires you every day, or are you just plodding along dreaming of what you will do “someday”?

Are you at peace with yourself?

How about if “someday” is TODAY?  After all, we don’t really know what lies ahead, so WHY do we choose to wait around?

Let’s take ACTION mindfully!

The custom of Chinese New Year is to give two oranges.  I love this custom because the colour ORANGE and it’s essence holds the energy of Breath of Life – a frequency of ACTION and CREATION.  (Nothing was ever created through inaction, was it?) However, it is in the quiet that the inspiration comes. As you hold your oranges take a deep breath in and INTEND to put into action at least ONE thing that will bring more peace into your life experience.

One of my friends recently told me that he had been focusing upon “creating success in harmony with self and the environment” and suddenly realised that it is quite different from “creating or manifesting his dream”.  Think about that . . .

  • You may choose to write down the 1, 2, or 3 things that you can focus upon that could make a difference in the way you perceive each day. I like to think of my “PEACE QUOTIENT” every day – and sometimes multiple times throughout the day.  If my “Peace Meter” score is below 7, I figure that it is time to take stock of things and determine WHY I am bothering to spend my time in a way that does not add to my peace and happiness.  We all have certain things that invokes peace more than other things, and we can’t always be at “10” on the Peace Meter.  However, we CAN notice where we are at any given time and make decisions about the way we can move our score upward.

  • It is usually spending more quiet time to listen attentively to our inner voice. This may require that you become more present in the moment. Focus on your breath and your body . Spending and engaging in activities with those we love. Being grateful for everything at this given moment. Think about experiences and ways of being that bring you a sense of peace, create a plan to condition it to a practice in your daily routine.
  • Most times, if we do just ONE small thing that you really enjoy and brings us a sense of peace, you will find that your energy levels increase dramatically and the Peace Quotient rises instantly while you are out there creating a day of success in all that you do..

A peaceful mind is poised to bring you abundance in Health, Love and Prosperity 🔆


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