When we came together to form Sutra Healing part of our missions statement was to hold events and have offices that involved as much connection to nature as possible, to prioritize healing, balance, connection and family in what we produce and how we produce it and perhaps most importantly we wanted to always give our customers more than they expected.

Sutra healing body, mind, and heart using ancient wisdom.


= Simple

We use simple and clear methods to support healthy habit formation around nutrition, exercise, thought patterns, lifestyle and supplementary support.


= Universal

These methods and products are readily available to everyone. If you need it, we will help you to have it.


= Timeless

It’s not a fad, it’s a practical process with history of success and research to prove it.


= Results

Using Technology to learn how you are motivated to form habits, we will support the process for lasting results.


= Adapt

We adapt to meet your personal needs as they change,your budget, your time constraints.

Sutra prioritizes nature, connection and simple elegance in all we produce. Healing body, mind & heart.